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We get it. You really don’t like the way your pet is behaving and/or feel badly that your pet is feeling anxious or aggressive. You want your pet to be happy but also would like to be able to improve his or her behavior so both you and your pet can live a less stressful life and a life filled with more joy than angst.

Here at the Animal Behavior Clinic of New Jersey (ABC of NJ) we know how critical it is to help you and your pets establish a healthy way to communicate and understand each other. Sometimes our pets are totally normal and just trying their best to fit into our human world which can lead to behavior problems. Other times, their brains may be a bit, well… “off balance”, or in more technical terms, neurodivergent. Either way, we are here to help.

Dr. Levine has spent many years studying the field of animal behavior and veterinary medicine for one purpose: to help families and pets understand each other, improve the welfare and quality of life of the pets and thereby, improve the life of the whole family. This passion led to the creation of The ABC of NJ.

Dr. Levine and her team understand how very stressful living with pets with behavioral issues can be. She and her team also understand that you love your pet and need some qualified help and guidance to understand why your pet is engaging in certain behaviors and the options that may help. Every family and pet is unique. This clinic is a judgement free zone and a safe space to talk about your concerns and hopes. We are here to help and give guidance. 

At ABC of NJ, we strive to provide high quality behavioral health care where we promise to be direct and honest while also maintaining compassion and care.

The behavior team works together to offer a range of treatment options for our patients in a manner that is safe, effective, and based on principles of learning theory, neuroscience, ethology, and behavioral medicine. The clinic’s seasoned support team works closely with Dr. Levine to implement treatment plans that utilize years of education, experience, and research. We work with pets with aggression, anxiety, hyper-arousal, frustration, compulsive behaviors, house-soiling, senility, separation related problems, and more.

Our Behavior Team

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Dr. Emily Levine, DVM, DACVB

Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists

Dr. Emily Levine started her career at The College of Veterinary Medicine at Mississippi State University graduating in 2000. She completed a one-year internship at a specialty medical and surgical referral hospital in Arizona, followed by a residency in animal behavior at The Cornell University Hospital for Animals. After completing her residency, Dr. Levine moved to England where she ran the behavior clinic at the University of Lincoln, participated in clinical behavior research, and worked as an instructor. Dr. Levine then spent 13 years at the Animal Emergency and Referral Associates in Fairfield NJ where she was the director of the behavior service. She has authored several papers in peer-reviewed journals and textbooks, as well as co-edited international proceedings on behavior research. She has written an award winning children’s book to help teach young children (and their parents) how to safely live with dogs. She enjoys learning about each pet she sees and their human caretakers!


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Dr. Sabrina Poggiagliolmi, DVM, MS, DACVB

Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists

Dr. Poggiagliolmi “Dr. Sabrina” is truly a world-traveler: she was born in Tuscany, Italy, and grew up around the world (Canada, North Africa). She returned to Italy to attend High School and the College of Veterinary Medicine in Milan, where she graduated with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in 1994.

Dr. Poggiagliolmi was engaged in private practice in Italy until she moved to the United States in July 2006 to enroll in a 3-year comprehensive clinical residency in Veterinary Behavior Medicine at the University of Georgia where she was awarded a Master of Science degree with a major in Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences. After having completed her residency, Dr. Poggiagliolmi moved to Italy, and she returned to the US in May 2011 where she has been responsible for the Long Island Veterinary Specialist Behavior Medicine Department until the end of April 2019. Before coming back to the US, Dr. Poggiagliolmi has run the Behavior Medicine Department at the DVM Centre in Montreal, QC, CANADA and at the OAESH (Ottawa Animal Emergency & Specialty Hospital) in Ottawa, ON, CANADA. 

Since 2016 Dr. Poggiagliolmi is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists and she is a Fear Free Certified Professional. 

When not at work, she enjoys traveling, working out, reading, hanging with friends and spending time with her cat Patata. 

Female vet tech holding a child

Samantha Gonzalez

Veterinary technician assistant
My name is Samantha, born and raised in Brooklyn. I’m a proud mother to a beautiful 1 year old baby girl and a dog named Olaf, as well as a new spouse! I’ve loved animals all my life. I have tons of experience in handling a wide variety of animals from dogs and cats, to rabbits and ferrets, to reptiles. I may be small but I’m a big dog kind of girl. I’ve worked in countless animal shelters and clinics. Animals are my passion no matter how big or small. I will do anything for an animal in need. My plans are to become a certified veterinary technician. I am bilingual ( Spanish) and I used to be a professional dancer. I am so excited to be part of the team here at ABC of NJ! 
Katrina Plaszky

Katrina Plaszky

Veterinary Technician Assistant
Katrina is a recent graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in Companion Animal Science. Her passion for animal behavior brought her to the Animal Behavior Clinic of New Jersey. Katrina has experience handling many different species of animals including dogs, cats, mice, horses, pigs, cows, sheep, and primates; However, her absolute favorite animal to work with are goats. Some day, Katrina hopes to own a farm where she can work with goats and herding dogs. In her free time, Katrina enjoys snowboarding, knitting, and cuddling with her best friend  Poochie.

Client Service Counselors

Picture Of Morgan

Morgan Taylor

Client Service Counselor
Morgan helped with the opening of the Animal Behavior Clinic of New Jersey in 2020. Morgan graduated from the Centre for Arts and Technology with a Degree in Fashion Design, Merchandising and Marketing.  Morgan always had a passion for helping and caring for animals which led her to joining the team.
Growing up, she always had multiple animals at home, volunteered in shelters and also ran her own dog & cat sitting business. Her favorite part of being a client service counselor is giving people hope!  She has received her Dog Trainer Foundations course through Karen Pryor Academy, Leadership Principles Certificate through Harvard Business School and plans to keep furthering her education.
When she’s not busy working, Morgan loves cooking, sewing, and spending time with her partner, their dog Dixie, and cat Oscar. 
Picture Of Kirsten

Kirsten Jayne

Client Service Counselor
Kirsten studied Medical Office Administration but her love of animals brought her to joining the team at the Animal Behavior Clinic of New Jersey. Kirsten handles the day-to-day inquiries, and scheduling appointments.  She loves hearing success stories and helping clients realize that we can help with their animals behavioral concerns. 
She grew up in a household with an abundance of animals and she always knew she wanted her work life to be the same. Kirsten has received her Dog Trainer Foundations course through Karen Pryor Academy and looks forward to continuing her training education.
When Kirsten isn’t working, she is spending time with her partner, their senior kitty Paws, reading or playing video games.

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Our dog had several behavior issues including biting, anxiety, and grabbing and chewing items around the house. Thanks to Dr. Levine and animal behavior clinic she is doing so great! She can be left alone out of the crate when we aren’t home, has completely stopped biting, and is adapting really well to our new baby. We’re so happy our vet recommended Animal Behavior Clinic.
– Ashley, John, & Nutmeg V.

Dr. Levine has truly been a game changer for us. We adopted Leo knowing he had issues but we did not know to what extent. Our wonderful trainer, Lauren, referred us to Dr. Levine and we have seen SUCH improvement. We are so happy with our results and the time that Dr. Levine takes to listen to us. If you’re on the edge about meeting with a behavior therapist – do it. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Colleen, Chris and Leo

I’m so happy I found you and my puppy is going to be okay ultimately!
I can’t thank you enough!!!!

Rocki P.

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