Types of Consults

In person consults:

In person consults take place at the Animal Behavior Clinic.  This facility  is dedicated just to pets with behavioral issues. As such, there is no waiting room but rather a buzzer to ring when you arrive so we can escort you and your pet right into a room.  The consult rooms are spacious and allow for optimal observation of your pet. 
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Virtual consults within the state of New Jersey:

We do offer virtual consults in New Jersey as the new state laws allow us to prescribe medications if we deem it reasonable to do based on the patient. However, in person consults are highly recommended and preferred in the majority of cases. 
Virtual consults outside of the state of New Jersey:

We will do virtual consults for people out of state but the doctors can not legally prescribe medications. Any medication recommendations made will need to be prescribed by their regular veterinarian. For anyone who lives in a state, or located close to a board certified veterinary behaviorist (DACVB),  it is highly recommended you visit that doctor in person. 
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Thermal imaging (Digatherm) appointments:

These appointments do not require the presence of a doctor. These are relatively brief appointments (20 minutes) during which a technician will take the thermal images of the pet. Dr. Levine then reviews the image and sends a letter to the client and or the veterinarian and communicates her impressions of the images and, if appropriate, will make recommendations for further diagnostics with their veterinarian. See the digatherm section of the website for further information.