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At ABC of NJ we are committed to offering you qualified advice and guidance on why your pet is engaging in certain behaviors and going over various treatment options that can help. We appreciate that everyone comes to us with a unique set of circumstances that will influence what treatment options may be best for you. We know some of you may feel a bit uneasy about bringing your pet in for various reasons, but we assure you that it is normal for us to see pets with a wide array of behavioral issues. We see pets with aggression, anxiety, hyper-arousal, frustration, compulsive behaviors, house-soiling, senility, separation related problems, and more.

Appointments With Dr. Levine

Medication Refills

Pet Insurance

Appointments with Dr. Levine

To set up an appointment with Dr. Levine, please call 201-212-6448

What to Expect:

Initial Appointments with Dr. Levine are one hour and allow her to gather the necessary information, observe your pet, and get an understanding of your goals for your pet.

You will be asked to fill out history forms and send them in prior to your appointment. Dr. Levine prefers to learn about your pet prior to the consult, so she can focus her time in the consult asking more pointed questions, observing your pet, and discussing why your pet may be engaging in certain behaviors and going over options for treatment.

For dogs, some of the forms you will be asked to fill out require that Dr. Levine spends time doing some calculations to help get perspective on any temperament biases that may influence treatment.

Additional fees for any diagnostics and treatment options will be discussed at the consult so you can have all the information necessary to make an informed decision about what the right next step is for you and your family.  Treatment options vary but can include all or any of the following:

  • Behavioral modification plans
  • Environmental modifications
  • Safety tools and equipment
  • Medications
  • Supplements
  • Integrative applications (massage, alpha stim, pheromone therapy, vitamins, etc…)

Prior to your appointment, we will be calling your veterinarian to request medical records be sent to our facility for Dr. Levine to review as well. Any further diagnostics needed will be recommend at the consult.

Appointments with a Behavior Technician

To set up an appointment with a Behavior Technician please call 201-212-6448

Our technician is available for appointments for the following types of issues:

  • Certain kinds of house-soiling in cats. We will send you a form to fill out and we will determine if you can see our behavior technician or if you need to see Dr. Levine. This tech appointment can be in the clinic or remote.
  • Discuss supplements options for a behavioral issue in your pet because you do not want to use medications. This presumes you are working with a qualified behavior trainer/consultant as well who is providing management/training advice. This appointment is by phone.
  • Anxious when riding in the car and you wish to start with non-medication options. This appointment is by phone.
  • Basic cat training (teaching your kitties cues such as sit, come, go to place, hi five etc….). In clinic or in your home (there are restrictions to how far we can travel). 
  • You have a cat/kitten who is biting and/or scratching you and you are not sure if it is trying to play with you or is being aggressive. This appointment can be in the clinic or remote but does require video sent prior to the appointment if safe to do so.
  • Introduction of a new cat to a household that already has cats. This is before you bring the new cat into the home in hopes of maximizing the chances of a successful introduction.  If you have already brought the cat into the home and there are issues between the cats, you will need to see Dr. Levine.

What to Expect

Appointments with the behavior technician vary in time depending on which issue you are seeing the technician for. They are typically between 30 to 60 minutes. We will let you know at the time you schedule.

You will be asked to fill out forms prior to your appointment.

Medication Refills

Your pet must be seen at least once a year for Dr. Levine to continue prescribing medications. If your pet has not been seen in the clinic for a year, Dr. Levine is unable to authorize refill requests. Some patients will be required to be seen at least every 6 months in order for Dr. Levine to continue prescribing medications.

Please note that we need 72 hours to accommodate refill requests. For every request we get, we need to confirm the information that you have requested and provided, review your pet’s medical chart, confirm all information is correct and make sure that your pet is not due for a recheck.

This is to safeguard your pet’s health. We appreciate your understanding and dedication to your pet’s behavioral health.

If you find yourself out of medications or needing medications prior to a 72-hour time frame because, well, life happens, we are able to expedite a refill request for a $25.00 fee.

To get medication refills, sign up for our online pharmacy

Pet Insurance

Many people have pet insurance but do not realize that it may cover the cost of a consultation with Dr. Levine, treatment plans, medications, etc.. If you have pet insurance, please call and see if they cover behavior consultations with a board-certified veterinary behaviorist.

Below are a few insurance plans that our clients have had good experiences with, but we ask that you inquire directly to determine if they will be able to provide the coverage that is right for you. 

We have no direct affiliation with any insurance companies. Nor by offering this information are we guaranteeing your pets behavioral services will be covered. We simply want to let you know that some plans will cover fees for behavioral services.


Not sure what you need or how to get started?  Contact us here.