Veterinarians & Animal Behavior Clinic of New Jersey

You Are the Health Heroes for Pets!

We wanted a place on this website to let you know about  opportunities available to you from the ABC of NJ. We also wanted to make sure you had direct access to Dr. Levine’s email so you can directly contact her with any ideas you would like to see as possible, labs, programs for your clients or your staff …You all are on the front lines of health care so you all know best what the day to day issues with which you or your clients are struggling.  We very much believe in a team approach.

If you are a veterinarian and you need to contact Dr. Levine, email her at, and direct line coming in January. Feel free to ask your question via email or text or simply reach out saying you would like to set up a time to speak.  Our wish is to make sure we have clear lines of communication without having to play phone tag!

Vet to Vet Consults For Behavior Support

These are ideal for veterinarians whose clients are not able to pursue a veterinary behavior consult for any reason. These phone consultations are between the veterinarian and a  board certified veterinary behaviorist to discuss whatever the primary veterinarian feels they need support in ( i.e medication choices, initial management strategies, etc…). This vet to vet consult does not include a written report. The attending veterinarian makes the final decisions on implementing recommendations given. Availability for vet to vet  consults are typically scheduled within 7 days of the request. The fee is charged directly to the veterinary clinic. 

See our vet to vet Info sheet for more details.