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Behavioral Health Care for Pets:

At the Animal Behavior Clinic of New Jersey, we see a wide array of behavioral issues in pets. We strive to educate families as to why their pets  may be engaging in certain behaviors and then exploring different treatment options that may be best for each families’ particular situation and expectations.

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Our dog Phoenix suddenly developed fearful and anxious behaviors that didn’t exist before. She was scared of us; her tail was between her legs, she would let out fearful screams and she was not making eye contact. This all seemed to start during the pandemic when we had to take care of her in ways usually done at the vet. We tried methods on our own and could not break through the fear and anxiety.
We were referred to Dr. Levine for video consult. She listened attentively, asked thoughtful questions and took notes, coming up with a reasonable hypothesis in order to solve the problem. Dr. Levine developed a specific plan for us and for Phoenix to follow. 3 weeks later we have our happy, content dog back. She is laying on my lap right now. Thank you Dr. Levine! We recommend the Animal Behavior Clinic for anyone looking for qualified help with their pet or who may think there is not a solution.

Thank you again,
Phoenix’s Mom & Dad

I cannot recommend Dr. Levine and the staff at the Animal Behavior Clinic of NJ enough! My husband and I always knew our dog, Josey, was special. We rescued her from a shelter about eight years ago and she was practically feral when we first brought her home. We did the best we could with training and consistency, but it has honestly been a challenge for us (for me, especially, because she was my first dog.) Fast forward to November of 2018 when we rescued our second dog, Teddy. It became very clear, very quickly, that Josey wasn’t just *super* energetic — she was completely incapable of calming down around Teddy (even after working every day for MONTHS to socialize them.) We started working with a trainer who recommended we see a veterinary behaviorist — we had no idea they even existed! We got Josey started on meds and the improvement in her behavior was astounding. I no longer feel like I am walking a kangaroo on a leash! Josey listens so much better (I don’t have to ask her to sit 15 times before she does it) and we’re seeing real progress with the way Josey and Teddy interact with each other. My ONLY regret is that we didn’t discover Dr. Levine sooner! If your dog is struggling with behavior issues that training alone has not been able to address, give the Animal Behavior Clinic of NJ a call!

– Jen, Chris, Josey, & Teddy

Eight months after rescuing Brittney and working through a lot of behavioral issues, we had settled into a routine and I had accepted the limitations needed for her to feel comfortable. At the recommendation of her regular vet, I contacted ABC and Brittney started a treatment regimen. To see my precious girl transform from anxious, stressed, and leash-aggressive to curious, joyful, and playful is miraculous. ABC removed the limitations from our life, and Brittney now loves exploring, playing and meeting new friends. I am astounded at and grateful for the vast improvement in the quality of our lives. Thank you, Dr. Levine!!

Stacy T.