Dog & Kid Safety Resources

Doggy Dos And Donts

New Illustrated Children's Book!

Dr. Levine has just released an illustrated Children’s book, along with an accompanying free online course, all about helping kids learn to interact safely with dogs.

The goal: To reduce the number of (very preventable) dog bites to young kids.

This beautifully illustrated non-fiction book is for families with kids ages 2- to 4-years. Little ones will love the fun verses and engaging pictures representing all types of families and dogs. And, they will be learning invaluable dog safety lessons at the same time.

The Dogs & Kids Course

The latest free course offering from the Instinct Online School, the DOGS & KIDS course, is an essential guide for parents and guardians of dog-and-kid households. This course covers safety, management, relationship-building between two- and four-legged kiddos, and more!

The course content was created by Dr. Levine and Instinct’s behavior leadership team, so you can feel confident the information included within is safe, kind, and practical. This course was created for parents as an accompaniment to Dr. Levine’s book, Doggy Do’s & Don’ts.